AI Product Backlog and Feedback Center

🚀 We launched: The first-ever, AI-powered product backlog!

Thank you to all that supported us on Product Hunt, Twitter, or LinkedIn (see our Launch Kit if you still want to do so; any love you show us on social can help us grow and improve)

Also, we have a new website! Take a look.

So what exactly did we add to Cardinal in this launch? (yes, some of you have been using it for a while now; thanks for all your feedback!)

👂🏻Centralized Feedback Center + AI == ❤️

We have a new Feedback Center: bring in customer/prospect feedback from various sources (calls, messages, etc.), link them to existing or new features, and have AI do all the hard work for you.

  • AI will automatically suggest features being referred to in feedback (calls, messages, and threads)

** This allows you to have the link between companies, feedback provided, features, and their engineering status serve you immediately when needed, making decisions or doing research and discovery.

Here is a Quick AI Feedback Center walkthrough video.

🌂 HubSpot & Slack - Feedback Integrations

Send and view feedback in your own GTM tools: for any company or conversation, see the features linked to it and the engineering status where you work.

Here are some Quick Hubspot walkthrough and Quick Slack walkthrough videos.

🧠 AI product strategy

AI will now suggest which Impact Areas and Initiatives to put your features under.

This way, your backlog is nice and tidy when you want to group things by it prioritizing smartly and effectively: