Company View and a Fancy AI Search

πŸŽ€ Company View:

Get an overview of each company's status and features

Tip: You can also search for a company with ⌘+K

🧸 New AI Search:

New LLM based Semantic search that understands what you really mean

🦺 Import Improvements

  • Massive speed improvements, especially with >10K items

  • New Productboard features import support

πŸ₯Ή Impact Areas & Initiatives in Prioritization

  • Added Initiative, Impact Area, Target Date, and Owner columns - You can group features by initiatives and sort by progress and value πŸ’ͺ🏻

  • You can also filter or group by target dates which really helps if you have a lot going on

As always you can make some pretty handy Views of the Prioritization page using these new columns.

🚀 High-load: speed and responsiveness improvements

Handling over 10K items in a page is drastically faster and more responsive than before (5-10x)

πŸ› Bug fixes

Over 30 real ones, they are all gone 😎

πŸš€ Launching something pretty cool pretty soon

In a bit over a week from now, we’re gonna be launching something really cool.

We’d love for you to support us on Product Hunt when the time comes and especially put the word out on Twitter/LinkedIn or whichever platform you prefer.